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Oct, 2017

The Best Choice for Cladding Cleaning in Portsmouth

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Deciding who to hire to clean the cladding of your building is not always an easy choice. While it may seem like a straightforward service, when you are the owner of a commercial building, you understand the thought that must go into making the best choice.

When researching companies that offer cladding cleaning in Portsmouth, you may ask questions like: Are they experienced? Are they affordable? Do they have the tools necessary to complete the job? Do they have knowledge of different cladding types? These are all crucial questions. At Clean-It Services, we are the best choice for cladding cleaning in Portsmouth and here is a list of a few reasons why.

  1. We come prepared with a variety of tools

Most people assume that the easiest way to clean cladding is by using a cherry picker. In fact, this belief might even be so ingrained that if there is not room for a cherry picker on the premises, some building owners that require cladding cleaning in Portsmouth believe that it is not possible to effectively clean the cladding on their building. This is completely false! At Clean-It Services, our primary choice for cladding cleaning is a high reach pole. This pole reaches heights of up to 60’ and can clean in spaces that would be hard to reach with a cherry picker. Additionally, the use of a high reach pole cleaning system is more efficient overall because it is safer and cuts down on equipment costs.

  1. We are familiar with a variety of cladding types

We are not naive in our approach to cladding cleaning. While some companies that offer cladding cleaning services may think that all cladding is the same, we know better. There is a variety of cladding types including: powder coated metal panels, PVC cladding, marble cladding, curtain glass & mirror façades and timber cladding. It is important to take note of the specific cladding type because it can influence how the cladding is cleaned. At Clean-It Services, we have experience cleaning all of the above-mentioned cladding types and are therefore familiar with the best way to approach each type. No matter the cladding type on your building, we can clean it!

  1. Our approach to cladding cleaning in Portsmouth is incredible efficient

Some professional cladding cleaning companies in Portsmouth may arrive with the mindset that they will do the bare minimum amount of work necessary and still achieve the desired result. This is not possible. In order to provide the highest quality cladding cleaning services in Portsmouth, we ensure that your building is properly serviced. This means that we quickly but efficiently clean the cladding- regardless of type- and make sure that the entire exterior of your building is shiny and clean from the gutters right down to the floor. Our team is IPAF trained which means that they are not only trained to prioritize safety, but also to ensure high customer satisfaction rates.

Give Clean-It Services a call today to request more information on cladding cleaning in Portsmouth! We offer no-obligation assessments and quotations for all of your cladding cleaning needs.

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