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Dec, 2017

Choose Professionals You Can Trust with your Post-Build Window Cleaning

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With everything that’s been going on in the past 18 months or so, these are uncertain times indeed in the UK. Nobody knows exactly what the future holds, but we at Clean-It Services take heart in the confidence that business owners are continuing to show.

Post-build window cleaning is one of our most popular services, and – fortunately – the jobs are continuing to pour in for us. Property developers up and down the land – from Leeds to Bournemouth – are still bravely pursuing their dreams, and constantly building new commercial spaces to rent out or sell to other businesspeople.

That being said, whilst we applaud the adventurous spirit, we still must urge you to take care when it comes to selecting which particular company you hire to fulfil your post-build window cleaning needs. After all, it’s an unfortunate fact of our industry that not every window cleaning outfit out there puts the same premium on professional work as we do.

We understand, of course, that successful businesspeople – whether looking to profit from a shop, showroom or office – want to save money wherever they can in order to maximize their margins. This is one area where you definitely can’t afford to cut back, however. Simply put, it isn’t worth it.

Unprofessional post-build window cleaning can raise a series of risks. Removing something like paint or cement from glass, for example, is extremely intricate and tricky work. If it’s done by an inexperienced or careless company, they may well cause significant damage to the glass through scratching and the like. In turn, this will cost money – as well as a lot of extra time – to fix. It doesn’t matter where you’re based, whether it be Sheffield, Manchester, Warwick or Portsmouth: it is simply a much smarter choice all round to get a dependable company in to begin with, even if it means spending a little extra.

“But who can I turn to,” we hear you ask, “to provide such a service?” Why, Clean-It Services of course!

We completely understand how important your commercial properties are to you, and the money that’s at stake. That’s why we take the utmost possible care with our post-build window cleaning. By doing so, we’ve managed to build a formidable reputation in the industry, with our services being in demand across the length and breadth of the country.

We’ve built up a veritable treasure chest of experience, meaning that we know exactly how to clean your windows – after the builders have finished – in an extremely effective yet safe way. That experience has come all over the UK, from Manchester down to Portsmouth, and on every type of commercial property you can imagine.

You will truly find yourself in safe hands with Clean-It Services… but we don’t ask you just to take our word for that. Instead, we’re pleased to offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee; in the unlikely event that you’re not pleased with our work after we finish, we’ll come back immediately and fix any problems you’ve found. That, combined with our full public liability insurance, ensures complete peace of mind for you.

When it comes to your commercial premises, you can’t afford to take chances with less experienced or talented companies. Do the best thing for yourself, and your property, and hire Clean-It Services for your post-build window cleaning needs. To get in touch today, just call us on 0800 832 1158, or message us through our website here.


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