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Jan, 2018

How Cladding Cleaning Can Help Your Business

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We’re fortunate to have a lot of returning commercial clients here at Clean-It Services, and we’ve talked long and often to them about the many, many benefits of cladding cleaning! Many of them have listened to us, and have subsequently reaped the rewards. Others, however, are yet to take the plunge, and we know that the same applies to lots of other business owners in Nottingham too.

Simply put, if you’re not getting regular cladding cleaning for your business premises, then you’re missing a trick. There are so many ways in which it could help your business, that there’s no way we could list them all here! We’ve done our best, however, to boil it down to the essentials.

For starters, cladding cleaning should be viewed as an investment, not just an outlay. That’s because the financial rewards that it brings can far outweigh the initial cost. How? Well we are massive believers in first impressions. At Clean-It Services, for example, we put a big premium on customer service. Our charm offensive (we like to think) begins from the very moment we start a job, and it’s netted us a lot of loyal clients over the years!

We’re sure that the same goes for your business. It doesn’t matter what sector you work in: if the cladding on the outside of your commercial property is covered in grime and algae, you’re going to create a terrible first impression. If you work in a shop, or another business that relies largely on walk-in customers… well, they’re going to turn right around and walk away when they see your grimy premises! If you have a sparkling, good-as-new cladding façade, however, they’re automatically going to be drawn into your shop, and by extension are a lot more likely to drop some cash.

The same goes for office buildings. Perhaps you have clients visiting you at your office, and you’re looking to strike a deal with them: dirty cladding signifies a lack of professionalism, whereas a lovely clean exterior makes you seem like someone with whom they could do business.

We don’t judge you at all for letting things like grime or algae build up on your building’s exterior. Cladding always looks beautiful when it’s first installed, but naturally suffers from those aforementioned nasty things over time; it’s a consequence of our oh-so-brilliant Nottingham weather!

Far worse, however, is just leaving it like that. Not only does it look terrible, not only may it be costing you business, but it could also be causing lasting damage to your buildings which may result in significant costs for repairs or replacements. That’s right: not only can cladding cleaning help you make money, but you can also cost yourself more money by not booking it in!

Fortunately, if you’re a business owner based in Nottingham, you’ve got plenty of cladding cleaning options. Top of the pile, of course, is Clean-It Services. Our staff are highly trained and fully insured. We utilize advanced, pole-based equipment which allows us to clean even the trickiest-to-reach cladding. Not only that, but we also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee; if you’re not happy with your cladding after we’re done with it, we’ll come straight back and go at it again.

Sounds pretty great, right? Well, we won’t be modest… it is! To book in your cladding cleaning today, just message us on our website here, or give us a call on 0800 832 1158.


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