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Mar, 2018

Clean-It Services – Nottingham’s Most Versatile Window Cleaners

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Here at Clean-It Services, we’re well aware that we’re in an incredibly competitive industry. Even just in Nottingham – the wonderful city in which we’re based – there are a whole lot of window cleaning options for people to choose from.

We know this… and yet, we’re also a pretty confident bunch! It’s because of both that, and our outstanding track record, that we have no hesitation in declaring ourselves not just Nottingham’s best window cleaners, but also its most versatile. It’s the latter that we wish to discuss today.

Why is it important to hire a versatile window cleaning company? Simply put, they have a level of experience that a more narrowly-focused company can’t hope to match. Whatever your specific needs, they’ll almost certainly have seen something just like it before – possibly on a far bigger scale – and thus will have no problem tackling your particular issues.

We truly believe that when it comes to window cleaning versatility, we’re unrivalled in Nottingham.

We’re equally comfortable in both residential and commercial window cleaning. Whether you’ve got a little flat or a great big detached house, we’ll reach every single window on your home without a problem, and get the whole place appearing as good as new in no time. If you’re the owner or manager of a commercial property, then we’ll get your windows sparkling and make your business look more professional than ever. It doesn’t matter what the size, shape or purpose of your building is: we’ve cleaned offices, car showrooms, hospitals, schools, factories and much, much more all across Nottingham. In fact, we’ve even diversified into specialist cleaning for historical buildings in recent years, taking care of centuries-old structures.

This versatility comes in part from our expert staff training, which covers an enormous range of techniques and situations. A major factor is also our equipment. We did away with the ladders, bucket and sponge approach many years ago, instead opting for a state-of-the-art water fed pole system. This handy and flexible tool allows us to access essentially every window on a residential or commercial property, whilst staying on the ground the entire time (check out some photos of just how far the pole can reach here).

Finally, when it comes to cleaning, we essentially offer every service under the sun. We may be mostly concentrating on window cleaning in this article, but we’re also proficient in gutter and fascia cleaning, building washing, cladding cleaning and conservatory cleaning. In short, if you’re looking to reinvigorate an entire property in Nottingham – whether it be residential or commercial – Clean-It Services simply have to be your first port of call.

To top it all off, this unrivalled versatility absolutely does not come at the price of safety. We are fully covered by public liability insurance for your peace of mind, meaning that – if something does go awry – you won’t be on the hook for the cost.

If you’d like to hire Clean-It Services – Nottingham’s most versatile window cleaning company – to take care of your commercial or residential property, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. To do so, simply give us a ring on 0800 832 1158, or send us a message here.

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