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Jan, 2018

Create a Fantastic First Impression with Post-Build Window Cleaning

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It might sound superficial, but it’s true; for better or for worse, first impressions are incredibly important. We here at Clean-It Services know that just as well as you do. That goes for people, places, and absolutely for buildings too.

In fact, considering the amount of money on the line, you could argue that first impressions matter more for commercial buildings than anything else. It doesn’t matter whether that’s up in cities like Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield, or down in places like Bournemouth and Portsmouth.

We’re writing this particular blog primarily for the benefit of those of you that own newly-built commercial properties. The chances are that many of you are experienced businesspeople, and are therefore well aware of how vital it is to create a great first impression. It never hurts to be reminded, though! For those less experienced commercial property developers amongst you, we’d ask you to pay particularly close attention!

No matter the type of building you’re looking to sell or rent out, no matter the sectors or business sizes you’re targeting, one thing is for certain: if you want to get the best possible profit on your investment, having clean windows is incredibly important.

Unfortunately, after going to all the trouble of planning a commercial property, followed by the palaver of actually having it built, many people overlook the windows. This is an enormous mistake, because even if you didn’t notice that your brand-new property has unclean windows, we promise you that your prospective clients certainly will. In fact, it’s likely to be one of the first things they notice.

If so, no matter how impressive the rest of the commercial space, and however great the specific location in a bustling business city like Manchester, they’ll automatically get a negative first impression. They’ll struggle to view your property as a professional space, in which their business could thrive.

Let’s contrast that with another scenario. If your Bournemouth, Leeds or Sheffield-based commercial building has lovely, clean windows, we guarantee a massive improvement in your prospective clients’ first impressions. The whole space will look lighter and generally more pleasant, making it far easier to envision a happy, productive business being based there.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to rent out or sell a shop, showroom, office, or any other commercial space. It doesn’t matter where in the UK you’re based, whether it be Portsmouth or Warwick. The principle holds firm.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the staff at Clean-It Services are some of the country’s leading professionals when it comes to post-build window cleaning. We’ve built up a tremendous amount of experience over the years, cleaning the windows of everything from shops to showrooms, which we can bring to absolutely any job we undertake. We’re reliable, hard-working, and put a premium on delivering great customer service to every one of our clients.

Whatever the type of commercial property, wherever the location, we’re here to help you create the best possible first impression through our unparalleled post-build window cleaning services. To discuss a job you need doing, or to book us in straight away, simply get in touch with us now. To do so, call 0800 832 1158, or message us online here.


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