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Jan, 2018

Don’t Neglect Your Windows This Winter

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We’ve been in the window cleaning business for a long time now, and we’ve noticed that every winter – like clockwork – the demand for residential window cleaning drops off.

We’ve never completely understood why, though! It just seems to be ingrained in people’s behaviour: when winter arrives, they don’t think there’s any point in having their windows cleaned; when spring comes again, it’s the first thing they think of!

We’re half-joking here, but in truth – when it comes to the long-term health of your windows, and even your entire house – it’s really no laughing matter. This kind of lackadaisical approach to house care can have serious repercussions in the long term, for both your home and your wallet.

Simply put, to ensure the long-term health of your home, you need regular window cleaning, regardless of the season. You may well be able to see a bit of dirt on your windows, even from a distance, but you simply shrug it off because it’s the winter. That one’s up to you; we won’t judge you for it! There are other, more serious problems, however, that can only be seen up close and personal. Not only that, but it’s likely that only a window cleaning professional – or someone in a similar profession – would be able to spot them.

A great example of this is when window seals start to break apart. A window cleaning professional – there on a regular basis – would be very likely to catch something like this early on and make you aware of it. For you, as the homeowner or tenant, however, it’s much, much harder to spot. In the meantime – while this problem is going undiagnosed – you’re losing heat through that broken seal, and your energy bills are heading straight upwards.

On the subject of heating bills – which can often become an issue at this time of year – the effect that regular window cleaning can have doesn’t stop there. A lot of people don’t know this, but clean windows in general actually provide better insulation than dirty ones. In the process of supposedly “saving” money on window cleaning over the winter months, you might actually be costing yourself more in higher heating bills. You can therefore see how regular window cleaning throughout the winter will not only help to let in more light, as the grime is cleared away and the sunshine (such as it is) is allowed in; it will also make your home a warmer, cozier, nicer place to be!

Many of our regular clients continue to make appointments throughout the colder months, even if it’s on a less regular basis than usual. That’s because, fortunately, we’ve been able to educate them on exactly these kinds of things! If your usual window cleaner in the Nottingham area hasn’t helped you out in this way… then that’s not your fault!

Now that you know, however, we hope you can see the wisdom of looking after your windows – and, by extension, your home – even during the winter. Here at Clean-It Services, we work just as hard in the harsher months as we do the rest of the time! Get in touch today, and we’ll come out as soon as we can and get your windows looking back to their best. To do so, just message us on our website here, or give us a call on 0800 832 1158.

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