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Dec, 2017

An Innovative Approach to Post-Build Window Cleaning

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When you think of fast-moving industries that require constant innovation, we here at Clean-It Services freely admit that window cleaning doesn’t necessarily spring to mind. The fact is, however, that it really does fall squarely into that category.

The days of going up a ladder with a bucket of water and a sponge are long gone. For years now, window cleaning companies have been seeking to gain an edge on their competition through the adoption of new methods and the latest technology. We’re proud to say that we belong to this group of innovative, experimental outfits.

Our reasoning? If you keep on using the same old methods with post-build window cleaning, and the same old equipment, then you’ll get the same old results. We’ve always been proud of our work, but we still wanted to improve it if we possibly could, and that’s exactly what we did with our commitment to a water fed pole system.

That might sound like a confusing phrase, but it’s really not! In practice, it is certainly extremely tricky to actually carry out, but our extensive training and experience mean that we have now mastered this cutting edge approach.

The aforementioned water fed pole has changed the way we carry out post-build window cleaning more than anything else we can remember. It stretches up to a whopping 65’, and allows us to reach even the trickiest windows on any commercial building, whether they be on an office, showroom or shop. Crucially, this means that we don’t have to rely on ladders any more, unlike the more old-school window cleaners out there. That makes things a whole lot safer, both for our staff and for your buildings.

But wait, it gets better! We use pure water to carry out this type of post-build window cleaning, not the chemical-heavy water that was popular in recent times. This natural approach results in a lovely, streak-free finish, helps your windows to stay cleaner for longer, and is much safer for your glass.

We’ve taken our water fed pole system up and down the country, from Leeds to Bournemouth, from Sheffield to Portsmouth. The results have been consistently excellent; in fact, they’re the best we’ve ever achieved. Whether you’re looking to sell or rent out a shop, showroom, office or any other type of commercial space, our pure water approach ensures the safest and most reliable outcome.

We realize this might not be what you’re used to, but that shouldn’t hold you back from trying it out! To help ease your doubts, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, for whatever reason, you’re not happy with our results the first time round, we’ll come straight back – whether you live in Manchester, Warwick or elsewhere in the UK – and fix any issue you might have. On top of that, we also carry complete public liability insurance, to fully put your mind at ease.

Add all that together, and you can see why we’re so proud – and still so excited – to offer our innovative water fed pole service. We’ve looked to the future in our approach to post-build window cleaning, and it’s time for you to do the same! To begin your journey to the best results you’ve seen, get in touch with us today.

You can message us through our website here, or simply call us on 0800 832 1158. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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