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Jan, 2018

What to Look for in a Cladding Cleaning Company

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There are many, many reasons why you might be looking for a cladding cleaning company in Nottingham.

Perhaps you’re a business owner, and have noticed a downturn in your fortunes. Rejuvenating your work premises might be just what you need to turn things around, and cladding cleaning is a perfect way to start. Perhaps you’ve just started a new commercial enterprise, and you’re looking to create an excellent first impression. Perhaps you own a series of commercial properties, and you’re looking to rent them out. We could go on, but as you can see, cladding cleaning is a versatile service with many possible applications.

With that established, let’s move on to the real challenge: actually finding a cladding cleaning company! In truth, you’re spoiled for choice in a big city like Nottingham; here at Clean-It Services, we know we’ve got a lot of competition! Not all cladding cleaning companies are created equal, however, and you need to be careful which one you choose.

To help you out, we’ve put together this helpful, handy guide. Without further ado, here are three of the main questions to ask yourself when you’re looking for the perfect cladding cleaners.

  • Are They Insured?

In our opinion, this is the first and most important question to ask. Your business premises are incredibly important, financially and logistically; and, after all, you’re effectively entrusting them to strangers.

Before using a cladding cleaning company for the first time, make 100% sure that they’re completely covered by insurance. All of our Clean-It Services employees, for example, have full public liability insurance, and health and safety paperwork is always available on request.

  • Do They Have a Great Track Record?

Most cladding cleaning companies talk a good game, but it’s hard to know the truth without committing and actually trying them out. One super-easy way around this, however, is to simply see how long they’ve been in business. Companies that have only been going for a couple of years or less represent something of a risk. As for companies like Clean-It Services, who’ve been in the cladding cleaning game for a good while now… well, they probably wouldn’t have been able to survive so long unless they provided a consistently great service!

  • How Do They Treat Their Customers?

Commercial cladding cleaning doesn’t come cheap; it represents a significant (albeit smart!) outlay. There’s nothing more annoying than paying a fair chunk of change for a service, then being treated in a completely ungrateful manner.

Customer service is our number one priority at Clean-It Services, to ensure that you never feel this way. We’re both reliable and respectful, and always look to put a smile on your face, even whilst getting your cladding looking back to its best.

These are just a few pointers on how to sift through all the cladding cleaning companies out there, and unearth the ones who are most likely to give you a great experience.

We’re happy to say that Clean-It Services pass every one of these tests with flying colours: we’re insured, proven, and always put a premium on customer service. In short, whether you’re looking for first-time cladding cleaning or simply want to try out a new company, we’re sure that we’re the safest choice in Nottingham.

To get in touch now, and discuss your cladding cleaning needs, simply message us on our website here or give us a call on 0800 832 1158.

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