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Mar, 2018

How Often Should You Get Cladding Cleaning?

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It’s been a long, long winter here in Nottingham. The buildings in our fair city have been battered by the elements for many months now, with little chance for respite. In turn, these same buildings are likely looking a little worse for wear, with the relentless harsh weather really taking its toll.

If you’ve got cladding on your business, and this – a seemingly rapid decline in the appearance of your building – has happened to you, then please don’t panic! We’d also beg you not to curse yourself for having invested in cladding in the first place. Getting cladding on your commercial premises is an extremely smart choice: it looks great and makes your business seem professional (when it’s well-maintained), it protects the building beneath from all kinds of things, like air pollution and water absorption, and it’s low maintenance.

Of course, it may be low maintenance, but this doesn’t mean there’s no need for any maintenance. As you may have already observed, cladding can fall foul of the elements too, and become decidedly dirty-looking over time. That’s certainly not your fault, as the business owner; it’s simply a natural occurrence.

What would be your fault, however, is declining to take care of your cladding when the time comes. Grubby-looking cladding gives off a negative, unprofessional impression of your business to potential customers and clients, whether it’s an office, showroom, or industrial unit. You put the time and money into having the cladding installed in the first place, so you should definitely put the effort into keeping it well-maintained. Fortunately, doing so isn’t particularly difficult. All you have to do is call a professional cladding cleaning company in Nottingham to come out and do what they do best.

A question we often get from business owners is, “How often should I get my cladding cleaned?” In short, we would recommend having it done once per year on average. The appearance of the cladding shouldn’t decline too much in that year, and it isn’t really enough time for any long-term, harmful buildups to occur. Of course, if you’re a stickler for appearances, then getting cladding cleaning more frequently will keep your business looking even cleaner!

With that out of the way, the only remaining thing to consider is which cladding cleaning company to employ. We’d like to humbly throw the Clean-It Services hat into the ring.

Here at Clean-It Services, we’re highly adept at cleaning cladding of all types: PVC cladding, marble cladding, powder-coated metal panels, and so on. Whatever type of cladding you have on your business premises, we’ll almost certainly have cleaned something just like it before. Our team is professional and highly-trained, with each member being covered by our complete public liability insurance, which ensures there’s no risk to you or your business. We’d also like to offer you even more peace of mind by informing you that we use a high reach pole for our cladding cleaning, removing the need for ladders and cherry pickers, and – again – massively reducing the risk of physical damage to your business.

As the business owner, you made an intelligent choice in getting cladding on your building in the first place. Now make another one, and look after that cladding which protects your premises so well, and makes them look great.

To book in a cladding cleaning session today, simply contact Clean-It Services on 0800 832 1158, or send us a message through our website.

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