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Dec, 2017

How Professional Cladding Cleaning Can Increase Your Sales 

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During the autumn and winter seasons, the weather often keeps people inside. They would much rather cuddle up next to the fire with a good book than venture out into the freezing cold to do shopping.

This is a main reason why sales of so many businesses tend to drop at this time of year. While there is a surge around the holidays thanks to last minute shoppers, the reality is that business isn’t as booming as it is mid-year. When shoppers do leave the warmth of their homes to do some shopping, they are much more selective about the stores that they enter because they are in a hurry to get back home. Instead of taking their time browsing the shops, many people leave their home for a specific item and only enter stores that have said item.

This means that not only does the weather decrease your sales during this time of year, but so does the increased competition. This article will explain how you can give your Hampshire or London business the edge it needs to beat its competitors and increase its sales.

During the autumn and winter seasons, the Hampshire and London areas experience quite a bit of damp weather. There are scattered showers and sometimes even storms. Do you know the effect that this weather has on your building? Damp weather on exterior cladding can actually become a breeding ground for bacteria and algae. Depending on how bad the weather is, these substances can spread into all of the cracks on your cladding and give your building a dull, dirty coating.

Additionally, if your business is located near a busy street, the exhaust from the passing cars can easily stick to the sides of your cladding, creating a layer of grime. These factors are exacerbated in poor weather conditions, but are inevitable for many buildings. While these may seem like unimportant bits of information, the cleanliness of your building can make the difference between a customer coming to your or your competitor. Would you rather go into a clean, well-kept business or a dirty, grimy one? You would probably prefer the former and we don’t blame you!

If you want to get the edge above your competition, we highly recommend you hire a professional cleaner to address your cladding issues. Clean-It Services is a successful, family-run cleaning business that serves the areas of Hampshire and London. We have a significant amount of experience professionally cleaning commercial buildings. We have worked on multiple types of building facades including mirror facades, timber cladding and mirror cladding. We not only have experience cleaning building exteriors, but we have advanced tools and specialised cleaning products to ensure that the job is done thoroughly.

The end of the year can be quite a competitive time for businesses due to the decrease in customer activity. We guarantee that with a proper cladding cleaning, your business will attract all of the customers in your industry, which will result in a drastic increase in sales. Don’t wait! Give Clean-It Services a call today and we can help you beat out your competition.

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