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Nov, 2017

Professional Window Cleaning Can Transform Your Business

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When you think of the main components to a successful business, what are the first things that come to mind?

You most likely know the importance of customer service, funding and hard-working employees. You may even list security, accurate bookkeeping and a strong marketing strategy. We bet you wouldn’t write “clean windows” down on your list. Making sure that your business has clean windows is probably one of the most underrated maintenance tasks. We understand that it may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but we want to stress how having clean windows can make or break your East Midlands business.

When customers are walking down the street window shopping, they approach stores that seem trustworthy. You may have a catchy brand, high quality products and a strong business strategy, but if your building is unappealing, customers will never get a chance to discover any of that. Businesses with dirty windows appear unprofessional, which implies to customers that you don’t care enough to put in the extra effort.

If you don’t treat your building kindly, how will you treat your customers? However, the reality is usually that business owners haven’t considered the importance of window cleaning. If your business is in a slump, chances are that the reason is because you haven’t been maintaining the condition of your building. All of your problems can go away if you hire a professional window cleaner to give new life to your building.

Clean-It Services is a professional exterior cleaning company that services the East Midlands area and specialises in both residential and commercial cleaning services. While we offer a plethora of exterior cleaning services such as cladding cleaning, gutter cleaning and power washing, we started as a window cleaning company. We are trained to clean windows thoroughly and use only the highest quality window cleaning tools and products to do so.

We use a water fed pole cleaning system to clean your building’s windows even if they are up to 60ft off the ground. This revolutionary system is gentle on your windows, negates the need for ladders and provides your windows with a deep clean. Our staff are fully IPAF trained and have years of experience cleaning windows of all different sizes, shapes, heights and glass types. You can be confident when you hire us that we will do everything in our power to leave you 100% satisfied.

Having clean windows can make a huge difference to your business. We have had several clients who didn’t realize how dirty their windows were until they hired us to clean them. When your windows are clean, you will attract more customers because your business will seem brighter and more inviting. When more customers enter your shop, your sales are likely to increase as well, especially if you have dedicated staff and a solid marketing strategy. By hiring Clean-It Services to perform as simple a task as professionally cleaning your windows, you truly can completely transform your business.

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