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Apr, 2018

Window Cleaning in Nottingham – Don’t Try This At Home!

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We’ve been cleaning windows for the good people of Nottingham for a while now, and we’ve lived here for even longer. Time and again, as we drive around from job to job, we still see people attempting to clean their own windows.

We get the various reasons for it. We really do. We admit that – to the untrained eye – window cleaning in general looks and sounds… pretty easy! You just get up a ladder with a bucket and sponge, give the windows a scrub, and come down again. Job done, right?!

Well, not exactly. There’s actually a lot more that goes into truly effective window cleaning than that.

At the heart of the issue – for various reasons – is the question of equipment. The old “bucket and sponge” approach – maybe mixing some kind of product that you picked up at your local supermarket into the water – simply isn’t going to get good results. It might make the windows look superficially cleaner, but it’s unlikely to actually get rid of the harmful substances which build up on windows over time: algae, mould, and so on. If these aren’t tackled properly, they can continue to spread and eventually cause real problems.

There’s also an obvious inherent degree of danger in using ladders to reach the upper windows of your Nottingham home; to both your house, and your person. That’s why – at Clean-It Services – we’ve switched to using a long, water-fed pole system instead. It gets fantastic results, but crucially it does so with our staff’s feet being firmly planted on the ground, almost eliminating the risk to them and our customers’ homes.

We also understand that the main motivation for people to clean their own windows is financial; they’re looking to save a little money, as many of us like to do, and window cleaning seems like an easy way to do so. The problems with that reasoning are twofold.

Firstly, if those aforementioned harmful substances are allowed to build up on your windows, and cause significant damage, then the cost of having your windows repaired will likely outweigh the cost of simply hiring professional window cleaners a few times a year. The same goes for accidentally causing direct damage to your windows or your home, which can often happen with an untrained DIY approach.

Secondly, it’s a little-known fact – outside of professionals like our staff here at Clean-It Services – that clean windows actually provide noticeably better insulation than their dirtier counterparts. Spring may be here (technically), but there’s still a real chill in the air; professional window cleaning can actually help to keep your home warmer, and keep your heating bills down.

We applaud the reasoning behind taking a DIY approach to window cleaning. The problem is, however, that it’s simply not a good option on a number of levels. The much smarter choice, by far, is to hire a professional window cleaning company in Nottingham, like Clean-It Services. We’ll come out to your house at a time that suits you, tackle your windows with a safe, professional approach, and achieve outstanding results that you couldn’t hope to get on your own.

To get in touch with Clean-It Services now, and book an excellent window cleaning service for your home, just call us on 0800 832 1158, or message us online here.

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