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Jul, 2018

Become Your Own Boss, with Our Window Cleaning Franchise Opportunity

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Plenty of people just aren’t cut out to work for someone else. Instead, they’re better suited to actually being the decision-makers, to crafting the strategy, to having the responsibility of looking after and organising other people, and so on. In short, they would be far happier being the boss rather than the employee.

The problem, of course, is that – in general – you can’t just click your fingers and… become a boss! It usually takes a huge amount of time, effort and money to plan out and subsequently launch a business. Even after you’ve got to that stage, there’s absolutely no guarantees that it’ll actually work out; that you’ll be able to attract clients, and get a viable business going.

These are the fears that tend to stop people, whether based in Nottingham or elsewhere, from starting a business. We’re here to tell you today, however, that if these are some of the reasons which have prevented you from trying to start your own business… well, you needn’t worry about them any more.

That’s because we’re offering you the chance to join a fully established, up-and-running, successful business: Clean-It Services. Crucially, this is a franchising opportunity. That means that, despite being part of Clean-It Services, you will still absolutely be your own boss.

We’ll give you an enormous amount of help as you get started, and we’ll always be available to give you advice… but, aside from that, the responsibility falls on your shoulders to make your franchise a success. If the sound of that excites you, then read on. If it makes you nervous… well, you might not be cut out to be a boss anyway!

The hardest part of starting your own business is creating a brand; a name, a reputation and a set of values which lots of people know. With the Clean-It Services window cleaning franchising opportunity, this worry is completely removed. You can simply use and benefit from the reputation that we’ve carefully built around the wider Nottingham area.

By skipping that step, you can essentially get straight down to the business of being a boss. After an in-depth training program – in which we’ll talk you through everything from window cleaning itself, to the administrative side of things – you’ll be up-and-running on your own. We’ll send as many clients your way as you want, but you’ll be the one who schedules the visits, takes charge of handling the work, and ensures everything goes smoothly.

Again, this role isn’t for everybody. It’s for those who are motivated, confident, and determined to create a successful business of their own, in or around the Nottingham area. If those sound like attributes you possess, then this is an excellent opportunity indeed for you.

We’d highly recommend checking out this page on our website to find out everything you need to know about the Clean-It Services window cleaning franchise opportunity. After you’ve done that, just give us a call on 0800 832 1158, and we’ll take things from there!

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