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Jun, 2018

Welcome the Summer in Style, with Window Cleaning for Your Business

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Well, even if all logic, science and history was against it, we still felt as if that winter might never come to an end here in Nottingham! At Clean-It Services, we work in essentially any weather that befalls the east Midlands… but we’ll admit that it wasn’t pleasant being out and about for a few months there!

Regardless, after a pretty much non-existent spring, summer has finally broken through. The temperatures have risen comfortably into the twenties, and there’s even slightly less rain than normal!

Spring is typically the season of renewal, and fresh beginnings. Again, however, we didn’t really have one of those this year, so summer is going to have to fulfill both of those criteria! Here at Clean-It Services, we think that those principles should apply not just to our personal lives, but to our businesses too. We certainly take a good look at how things are going at this time of year, concentrating on where we might be able to improve, and we highly encourage you to do the same.

On that note, there’s one particular area of your business we’d like you to focus on today: its appearance. It sounds extremely shallow, but it’s true; to a large extent, it doesn’t matter how good your offering is, or how well-trained your staff are. If your business doesn’t look professional from the outside, you’re going to struggle to attract customers inside.

Over the years, we’ve seen that a tragically overlooked aspect of a company’s appearance is its windows. Quite simply, when you work in the same place five days a week (or more), it can be hard to notice when your windows are starting to look grubby. We can assure you of one thing, however; your customers and clients won’t miss them. To them, dirty windows are a warning sign. They indicate that the owners don’t really care about their business, or that they may lack professionalism.

Fortunately, this is an incredibly easy problem to fix. All you need to do is order in some high-level, professional commercial window cleaning. You could spend ages looking around for such a company… or you could simply choose Clean-It Services right from the beginning!

We truly believe that we tick every box when it comes to commercial window cleaning in Nottingham. We’ve got a tremendous amount of experience, having worked on everything from restaurants, to offices, to 16th century historical buildings! The veterans on the Clean-It Services staff are more than happy to pass on this experience to the newer staff too, and every single member of our team is IPAF trained.

Finally, we’re also as close to a sure thing as it gets. We put a huge emphasis on carrying out our commercial window cleaning safely, and we carry full public liability insurance. In the unlikely scenario that something does go wrong, you definitely won’t be on the hook for it.

The summer is here, at long last, and it’s time to welcome it in style. To make your Nottingham-based business shine in the nicer weather, and – in turn – to make it vastly more appealing to potential customers, you need expert commercial window cleaning. To get exactly that, courtesy of Clean-It Services, just send us a message here, or call 0800 832 1158.

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